Watermelon Tour | Chania 2017

Bands playing at Chania 03.08.17, Hide & Seek, Carl Axon and his Rocking Rebels, Underhill West, Core The Band.
Artemis Ksomeritakis

Artemis Ksomeritakis, keyboard player for CORETHEBAND.

The Chania leg of the Watermelon Tour of Greece by CORETHEBAND and Underhill West.

I was most fortunate last Thursday evening, as not only was I being escorted by three lovely ladies I was also able to witness a very good rock concert played out to the rear of the Turkish mosque at the Old Port, Chania on this wonderful island of Crete.

I had missed the previous offerings of Hide & Seek, a very good but very young and inexperienced band, and the well known Big Boppa, Carl Axon and his Rocking Rebels, although I did hear the hum as we four were enjoying a very good dinner at Michalis' restaurant by the Old Port.

The two bands on this Watermelon Tour are CORETHEBAND and

Underhill West, the latter being the first to the stage as we ambled across from the restaurant. This is the first time that I have listened to this band but hopefully not the last. They were really good, with their mix of pop, pop rock, punk and classic rock. A four piece sometime joined by a tambourine, obviously a mate ! that had a strong sound and a quite variable set list.
Nothing gets in my way (Underhill west 2011) You can't stop our rock n roll (Underhill west 2007) Human (rag n bone man cover) Woman (Underhill west 2015) Dark necessities (red hot chili peppers cover) Never get down (Underhill West 2015) Justify my night (Underhill west 2017 new single) Freak out (chic cover)/ get lucky(daft punk cover) / I can't feel my face (The Weeknd cover) Black or white / Billie jean/ smooth criminal (Michael Jackson cover) Uptown funk (mark Ronson feat.Bruno mars cover ) Paradise (Coldplay cover)
Hope to see them again.


The main attraction CORETHEBAND are a Chania, therefore local, band of some standing if the cheers from quite a large gathering were anything to go by. I've seen this band three times now and like Underhill West would gladly watch them again. They are more new age, alternative and indie than most of the bands I watch. I see from their Bio they liken themselves to Green Day but my thought would be more like a cross between Linkin Park and Killers. I do applaud them for writing most of their set list though as this is definitely the best way to appreciate any band. The driving force is the vocalist and second guitarist Jacob Gale and he can get the crowd, probably former girlfriends and classmates, really going with his audience engagement and antics on the stage. Jacob seemed intent on embarrasing the bass player Joseph Liarakis with his coaching of the audience to chant his nickname " Sifis ". All in all a very good night with one exception !

The event was supposed ( I had been lead to believe ) to raise money for the Social Supermarket. However, I saw no way of contributing, nor heard anything from the stage to suggest that this was the case. Poorly done by all concerned. The crowd for these two bands outnumbered the crowd for the previous two bands by three or four to one.

I'll include a couple of bios here taken from their web pages:

UNDERHILL WEST is a pop-rock band which started its activity from Xanthi in 2005 and combines elements of Blues, dance & Rock ‘n’roll with motivational lyrics to compose highly entertaining creation.

In the course count numerous appearances throughout Greece focusing on Thessaloniki and Athens, collaborations with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Xanthi Municipality, participation in famous summer festivals throughout Greece, mini tours, appearances on TV shows and documentaries and various philanthropic activity. They have been distinguished as a finalist in the nationwide contest Global Battle of the Bands Greece 2016 and recently participated in the first nationwide tour of MMR with two other bands.

Until now count three EP:

Moment of life (2007), Our Way (2011) and That Sense (2015)

which many radio stations support all over Greece featuring 1055 of Thessaloniki and Athens!.. They also have a Christmas single called “Light a candle” which plays in various Christmas Playlists all over the world!

Members: ( Facebook PAGES LINKS )
Michalis Chatzopoulos (Vocals,Guitars)
Tasos Avramidis (Drums)
Paschalis Papoudas (Bass)
Michalis Mouchlianitis (Keyboards)
Ioannis Varelidis (Sound Engineering)

If you’re in the habit of putting acts in a box, stop right now. It’s unlikely that you’ll find a box that can comfortably fit CORETHEBAND.

Though they hail from the island of Crete, the band’s roots reach much further – to the USA, Poland, South Africa and beyond – and their sound owes more to Green Day and Fall Out Boy than it does Zorba The Greek.

Playful and spontaneous on stage, they’re deadly serious and professional in the studio. Driving guitars and drums declare Indie Pop-Punk influences, while the exuberant yet sometimes introspective vocals of mop-haired and oddly charismatic frontman Jacob Gale are at times reminiscent of Ed Sheeran or Coldplay.

Since CORETHEBAND was formed by Gale and drummer/backing vocalist Maxi F. Kabutz in 2012, they have built a strong following throughout Greece and abroad. They have played over 150 live shows, won a slew of Greek and international awards, and appeared on series, ads and talk shows on Greek national TV.

They worked with renowned director Vangelis Kalaitzis on the video for their song “Dream”, which was also used as the soundtrack to an ad aired on Greek national TV for the Drug Rehabilitation Centre KE.THE.A.

CORETHEBAND appeared on an award-winning Greek TV series , where they performed their songs "Dream" and "Pull The Curtain"

Band Members:

Jacob Gale
Maxi Kabutz
Joseph Lionakis
Artemis Ksomeritakis
Lefteris Theodorakis

~ Written by Mandi Millen