Faded dreams

How dreams can fade away. Dreaming of being a rockstar, then seeing all your brightest stars explode.

  1 Sep 2017   admin

Growing up in the fifties and sixties all the kids could dream about being a big rockstar. It was a dream of mine until I played back a recording of myself singing and playing a guitar bought from a friend.

That friend was Terry Taylor and he did make it but he deserved it as he was constantly practicing the guitar. He became well known with the band Tucky Buzzard and went on to found Bill Whymans Rhythm Kings with the legend himself. I digress.
Looking back as far as the seventies and seeing how so many big stars have lost their lives through drink, drugs, accidents, suicides and their tortured bodies just giving up, maybe I'm glad I can't hold a note as they say.

I love music and have become an avid listener of most types of music. I've always had a catholic taste in music but cannot abide rap. Except when it's wrapped around a rocking string from Linkin Park etc. My love of music took me to designing and producing an online music station. The music station has made me look deeply into music, especially rock music, and discover the personalities that belong in that world.

Which brings me to the core of this blog. Two guys, that I believed, and many others, had the best voices in rock are no longer with us and I have just been reading about them.

Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden from Seattle and Chester Bennington, vocalist for Linkin Park from California have just decided to take their own lives. Chris hanged himself in May this year and Chester hanged himself in July on the day that would have been Chris's 53rd birthday.
Chris and Chester were great friends and very troubled souls who could only focus through music. If you read their stories you would wish that they like me couldn't hold a note. Or, had they enjoyed their time in music and had just come to the end.

This was a mental health issue but was nobody listening ?

If I knew then ..................................

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