A Good summer of local music.

The music of the summer on Crete has been really good.

  9 Oct 2017   admin

As the summer disappears on its way to the Antipodean islands, I can reflect on some very good music on the island of Crete.
I thought Embrosneros was the best year ever, save the omission of the band Toplis whom I really rated, but the inclusion of the pupils from Vamos school was inspirational and made the evening unforgettable. CORETHEBAND were appearing for the first time and I really like their blend of punk and garage. It's always good to hear young bands airing their own music. They were good at Chania earlier in the year when they were accompanying a great pop rock band from Xanthi, Underhill West.

There was some of the same old stuff around the tavernas which I gladly missed most of the time. I did miss Small Change though who I have been told are very good. May catch their set before the winter sets in.

I was pleasantly surprised when visiting Fotinis in Plaka last month to find that Backtrax were playing. They have improved so much over the six or seven years I have been listening to them. The addition of singer and another lead guitar, Mike, has done the trick. I won't call them " The Wedding Band " anymore. It was a really good set. They don't need that terrible band opening for them though. A poetry reading would have been more exciting. Before you all say something, I know it takes guts to get up on the stage and sing and play an instrument. But really ........

The other group of musicians and singers that deserves a mention are Marmalatha. A little three piece with a big sound and really good vocals. I didn't hear any of their own music though, all covers.

The best music is here though folks. Tune in to Apokoronas365 for some great rock music.

A last mention for yet another loss to the music industry, too many in these last two years RIP Tom Petty.

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