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The Lucky Dip of Rock : 7:00am to 12 noon every day.

5 hours of rock music from every genre, hand picked by me.

5 hours of rock music from every genre, hand picked by me.

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This is me

Terence Bridge. DJ and Proprietor. Also CEO of TJB Photography.

Terence Bridge. DJ and Proprietor. Also CEO of TJB Photography.

Hello there,

Welcome to a brand new website Apokoronas365.com. We should be up and running 100% of every day. Only downtime for any maintenance. Updates to playlists or the site will be done live so no problem there.
Music will generally be continuous except where special shows will include information interventions from myself.
Move around the site whilst listening live or to the on demand music as there will be some interesting articles, blogs, quizzes and news items. You may also comment on articles or my lists of rock tracks using the forums at the bottom of the pages.
Keep listening - it's all FREE and free of adverts.

Terence Bridge.

If you had to pick your top 100 tracks and could only choose one track from each artist, how would you get on ? This is my top 100 which I may tinker with as time goes by. ( may take a while to finish it )

My Best 100 Tracks: 100 - 91


That's the Way I've Always Heard it Should Be.

Carly Simon

I've loved this track from the first time I heard it. It was the first hit for Carly Simon from her debut album Carly Simon in 1971. Lyrics by Jacob Brackman, music by Carly Simon.

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Alter Bridge

From their second studio album of the same name in 2007, Blackbird features a great guitar solo or it's maybe a duet ? by Tremonti and Kennedy. Guitar magazine called it the greatest guitar solo of all time. Ahem, maybe the reviewer was a real Alter Bridge fan.

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Born to Run

Bruce Springsteen

The Boss. Born to Run was the first single released from his third studio album of the same name. Released in 1975 it finally brought fame to Springsteen. His best song in my opinion.

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More Than a Feeling


From their award winning debut album Boston in 1976. This is one of America's biggest selling albums at over 17 million sales. Written by founding member of the band, guitarist and keyboard player Tom Scholz.

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Rollin' in the Deep


From her second album titled 21 in 2011. I like the album as it has a taste of folk, soul, blues and country and you can't say that about many albums. For me Rollin' in the deep comes out just on top. Released as a single just before the album 21 was released.

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Close My Eyes Forever

Lita Ford & Ozzie Osbourne

Ford has sung this with many other rock stars but none quite hits the spot as the Ozzie duet does. This was Lita Ford's second solo studio album titled Lita and was produced by Ozzie's wife Sharon Osbourne in 1988. Ozzie needs no introductions but you may not know that Lita Ford started out with Joan Jett in the all female band The Runaways.

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That's Amore

Dean Martin

No ! It's not a mistake. This is my favourite 100 songs and if I could pick more than one track per artist there would be at least one more from Deano. This song was first heard in the 1953 film The Caddy with Jerry Lewis. This huge hit became Deano's signature tune and was known all over the world.

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Take Me to the Church


Irish guy from County Wicklow, fairly new on the scene. He released his debut EP which included the track Take me to the church in 2013. Hozier included the single again on his self titled first album Hozier in 2014. Perhaps I like him because he comes from Bray, where a couple of my good friends are from. It's a good song though and been covered a few times already.

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Van Morrison

Another Irish guy but a bit of an older one this time. I'm not a great fan of Van Morrison but his 1970 Album Moondance is a gem. The title track is full of blues, rock, folk and soul. A brilliant array of musical instrumentation, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, wind, percussion.

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Maggie May.

Rod Stewart

I like Rod the mod and I thought he should be in my top 100 tracks. Deciding which track was a bit difficult. I like Mandolin Wind, Handbags and Gladrags but Maggie May won out. Rod wrote the song for his 1971 album Every Picture Tells a Story.

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